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Published September 15th 2002

Brugge Eurocup small though international

Arriving in Brugge at 10.00 hours after a 4 hour drive. Bloso centre seems to be a combination of sportsfields, a centre with horeca-facilities and sport-hotel, a bike circle and an athletic track. The centre is located very close to the old city centre of Brugge, so not bad for a eurocup.
After halve an hour I couldn't spot anything yet, no scooterists, no nothing. So I started kicking in the direction of the athletic stadium and there I found Lars Kessler and Hannu Vierikko having a morning wake up, streching at the edge of the track, both in very good mood. Hannu and Lars seem to be the centre of the event as not much is happening yet around them? After some time a few people arrive. No juniors show up for kids race (apparently no one had entried for the kids race) and we get the scary feeling that the 3 of us will be THE participant field in the eurocup and so it seemed.
FEDES wants to be the national scooter organ in Belgium or at least the task to host scootersport within their joblist. But during this event it became very clear that it has no means yet to establish contact with the Belgium scooterist. IKSA committee will have to review this for 2003.

So at 11.30 the sprints started with Hannu as the winner and at 13.00 we had a 30 minute criterium on the athletic track in sunny and dry conditions.

The facilities around the track were good, also no entry fee. Participants got info-bagg with drinks and a T-shirt at the end of the event. Also hotel conditions were good told Lars.

Hannu en Lars ready for eurocup....

Brugge 2002 - Hannu explains were to put sponsoring

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