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Published September 17th 2002

Footbike race France | October 6th

A new race in France for Footbikers with Foot runners. In my village near Mâcon, located at 70 Km north of Lyon, 160 Km West of Genève, 390 Km south of Paris. Distance 28 Km. A part on a trail (no problems for us), a part on road. I know the trail and the road, I make my training on it .....Footbikers will make the opening of the runners. Starting 1 or 2 minutes before the general race. Départure at 2 pm on sunday 6 october. Note that if there is many Footbikers, next year (or later), a race could be create for us. I will be in the organisation next year.

For more information, contact me via
06 80 21 57 73 (France) or by
Join "FootBike Club de Bourgogne"

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