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Published August 31 2002

Andries Koers again National champion in the Netherlands and unexpected: Peterina vd Molen winner in women field!

Junior races more then 60 participants!

Saturday September 7th 2002 - On a small dyke village in the North of the Netherlands the NC Individual scootering took place. Small event, totaly focused on scootering and appriciated by the scooterists, that is Kamperzeedijk. Probably one of the few places on earth were every inhabitant is familiar with scootersport and no one looks strangly or comments if a footbiker passes. If you want to feel at home then once in your life visit Kamperzeedijk. Already in 1995 some Kamperzeedykers kicked a tour around the IJsselmeerlake.
For results and photos click on 'uitslagen' and 'foto's' at the event website

Andries Koers winner senior NC men here in the middle surrounded with winners in junior
classes (12 till 15 years).


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