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Published May 9 2002

Ville Vickholm wins Scooterrace Thusis
Switzerland, April 27th Ville won the Thusis race in a time of 0.56:49.10. Fastes lady was Andrea
Hammer from Germany in 1.12:13.70
We hope to see her again in coming Eurocup races
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Report from Ville | Great race in Thusis!

It was very interesting to take part in Thusis-Chur 25km scooter race. I am happy that I have been there. My trip was quite tough but it was absolutely worth to do! It was well organized race with 350 runners and 17 lady-kickers and 29 men-kickers, so the race fulfill IKSA Euro-cup criterias ( ten participants from the home country). 2 participants came from Finland, 4 from Germany and 40 from Swizerland. Scooter-start was 5min before running-start.

The start was from Thusis center and there was a lot off spectators. Race organisation had a leading car and the course was well-marked. Nice views and tough terrain as you could read in Hannu´s rapport. Some part off the route was really cross-country-route. We had a good discussion in the evening with Paul Brugge. Enthusiastic Kickbiker Peter Smit from SUI (born in Holland) was great interpreter/ translator and he had good ideas of how to develop Thusis race. I don´t speak German. We spoke about the race-course (some part off the route was not so good but still okey if you can handle your bike,( stones, rocks, sand, mud) the course was made for runners), also about the race information and contact-information, there is something they can do better for 200, get some information to IKSA pages, own web-pages etc. and then the price-politic. Now there was no price ceremonies or prices for the best scooterists (exept the Kickbike millennium for the Kickbike-cup). Thusis race was also “motion”- event. Every participant got a rose, something to eat and massage if needed. That was good! We talked also about the calendar. It is quite early off the season and Engelberg is preparing in late July for good race too. We talked about next year and EURO-cup status.

Two EURO-cup races in Swizerland can be too much. So there is still many things to do and to think about for next year, but the race has a good potential to be even better international race in future!!!
Some contact information: race-leader Paul Brugger phone 0041-81-6511108 e-mail (Speaks German!) Best Swiss Kickbiker Pascal Huber 0041-81-4137384 Best woman Andrea Hammer from Oberammergau Germany fax 0049-8822-1502



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