Kicksled Worlcup Rulement:

for Kicksled Race organizers

Time taking

  • The startman functions like in track&field.
  • The startman and the officials at the finish need to know the relevant sections of kicksled race rules
  • There must be a backup system for time taking.
  • The accuracy of times needs to be one-tenth (1/10) of a second on distances under 10000 metres; otherwise one second is adequate accuracy.
  • In all races, but especially on sprint distances, it is advised to use a video or other appropriate camera to verify the order of competititors entering the finish.

Race track

  • The track shall be prepared so that it is as fast kicksledding as possible; as a general rule kicksledding on the track shall be faster than running with the kicksled.
  • (often not implemented) On short sprint distances at least 1 metre wide lanes shall be marked on the track.
  • After the finish line there shall be at least 15 metres long area for deceleration.
  • In relay races the change area (15 metres long) shall be marked on the track (or at its edges).
  • On a track with a total length exceeding 2 kilometres kicked distances shall be marked at intervals not exceeding 1 kilometre.
  • The track shall be precisely measured beforehand and the measurement principles shall be available for the inspection of IKSA officials in order to make the track valid for record attempts.
  • Hazardous locations known in advance shall be marked and informed to the participants in case they cannot be removed.

Record validity

  • Kicksled races valid for record attempts shall be approved by IKSA (or the national federation affiliated with IKSA).
  • On 200 meters tailwind may not exceed 2 metres per second measured with a wind meter.
  • On all distances the start and finish shall be on the same altitude from sea level.
  • Races on more than 200 m distances can be arranged on a track that is not longer than the race distance and the start and finish are located on the track or not more than 50 metres aside the track and the start pole is no more than 70 metres apart from the finish pole.


  • The race organiser shall inform IKSA (or the national federation affiliated with IKSA) beforehand and send results and number of participants afterwards.


  • The organiser may restrict the length of spikes in competitors' footwear if the race is arranged on a skate track that cannot be refrozen before a successive skating event. In case such restriction is made then it must be made known early enough and allowed spikes must be available at the event location at a reasonable price. The restricted spike length shall be long enough in order to give a sufficient grip also for a top level kicksledder.

To be improved

  • race safety
  • measurement principles
  • validating records
  • race numbers

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Original version: 15.1.1999

English revision: 11.4.2002 by Esa Mononen



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