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arrowFootbike newsgroup (general scootering)
arrowKickbiking / footbike newsgroup | 3VO, Trikke

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Netherlands news:
arrowDigibrief | Netherlands (monthly footbike newsmail)
arrowStepsleemailing | Netherlands (Kicksled newsmail) (footbike forum)
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arrowNAF kicksled news on Twitter
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Finland news:
arrowKepolist Helsinki | Finland

France forum:
arrowLe forum des passionnés de Trottinette

German forum:
arrowForum within Runnersworld

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arrowFootbike weblog:
arrowKickbike USA newsgroup
arrowNewYork scooter newsgroup
arrowFootbike in USA on Facebook

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Kicksled / spark / stepslee / tretschlit

Kicksled newsgroups:
arrowKicksled newsgroup | general kicksled

Kicksled events:
arrowWebpage of World Championship kicksledding
arrowWebpage of International Kicksled days Weissensee

Kicksled PR material:
arrowKicksled video
arrowIKSA kicksled flyer (English)
IKSA kicksled flyer (Dutch)
IKSA kicksled flyer (German)
IKSA kicksled flyer (Italian)

National Kicksled pages:
arrowDutch kicksled committee


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