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Kicksled Eurocup point system

IKSA commitee has concluded the following point system for the kicksled eurocup 2008.
The individual Eurocup is an open competition for every kicksled athlete from all nations. Participants collect points by taking part in the 3 eurocup events in which 5 individual rankings can be scored.

1 individual ranking during the Vikingarranet - Sweden
3 individual rankings during the WC in Multia - Finland
individual rankings during the 100 km race in Kupio - Finland

For each finish you get points according ranking (end result). After the last race (EC) all points wil be gathered and the most wurse resulted race (or not raced) is taken of your total end score.

In case of same scored end total atlete get's higher ranked if (used in displayed order):
1. the ranked results in the counted 5 eurocups (each ranking compared).
2. the atlete wich took part in the largest number of Eurocup classifications (races).
3. the (compared) ranked results in the counted 11 races is higher (each ranking compared).
4. if not concluded - the atletes will get same end score.

Points ranked from first, second, third, fourth place >
Eurocup Individual points: 40,35,31,27,24,21,18,16,14,12,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

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