Kicksled races Paunküla Estonia
13th March 2010

Marathon 70km – start at 10.00
30km – start at 13.00 the start can be delayed if the judges find it necessary.
10km – start 5 minutes after the 30km start

Marathon is organised for:
- Men
- Women

The kicksedriders start at the end of the starting corridor

There are 7 categories at the 30km start:
- boys M18 (born on 1992 or later )
- girls N18 (born on 1992 or later)
- men M (1971-1991)
- women N (1971-1991)
- men M40 (1951-1970)
- women N40 (born on 1970 or earlyer)
- men M60 (born on 1950 on earlyer)

main registration March 1 till March 10, 2010

70km - 350EEK
30km - 250EEK
10km - 125EEK registration at the site

70km - 500EEK
30km - 400EEK
10km - 200EEK

If you need an invoice you should inform the organizers about it because automatically they do not send one to you.
If anyone needs more information about coming to Estonia I'd be delighted to help.

Registration link is here:

Infomation in estonian is here

The exact location is on that link (the pointer is the starting place. It's a local resort called Paunküla puhkekeskus)

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